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We enjoy working with a variety of partners: with other knowledge institutions, the business community, government, civil society organisations, NGOs, museums and charities. Close by, in our cities of Leiden and The Hague, but also regionally, nationally and internationally.

Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities

Together Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam form the strategic alliance Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities.

The three partners work together in various fields to achieve shared goals based on a shared vision. Together, the universities, all of which have an excellent reputation, cover a wide range of disciplines and complement each other to a high degree.
Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities

Leiden City of Knowledge

Since 2012, the City of Leiden has had a City of Knowledge Programme [in Dutch] to support Leiden’s knowledge institutions in their development and growth. In early July 2017, Leiden University, Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden University of Applied Sciences and the Municipality of Leiden concluded a Cooperation Agreement 2017-2021 [in Dutch].

Leiden Bio Science Park

At the Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP) Leiden University works together with the business community, the LUMC and the municipality of Leiden. With more than 103 biomedical companies from 14 different countries, the LBSP is regarded as the largest life sciences cluster in the Netherlands. 
Leiden Bio Science Park


Various museums in Leiden (website in Dutch) introduce their visitors to the results of scientific research in a variety of fields. The collections were  mostly created by scholars from Leiden and the current curators are often also associated with the University.

Municipality of The Hague

Through Campus The Hague, Leiden University works closely with the Municipality of The Hague on themes such as:

  • the Central Innovation District in The Hague around the three station intersections
  • the Municipality’s economic vision
  • exploring the possibility of a debate centre (in cooperation with other knowledge institutions), by linking up with the ambitions in The Hague Educational Agenda.

In addition, the University and Municipality cooperate on subjects relating to the Municipality’s desire to strengthen its knowledge infrastructure. In 2016 Leiden University signed a cooperation agreement with the Municipality of The Hague.

LUMC campus The Hague

The LUMC campus in The Hague is a partnership between Leiden University Medical Centre, STZ hospitals [in Dutch] in The Hague, HMC-Bronovo, Haga Hospital [in Dutch] (part of the Reinier-Haga Group) and Leiden University. The LUMC does not provide care in The Hague but focuses on research and teaching, innovation (e-health) and knowledge transfer. The initiators want to help find solutions to the complex health problems of vulnerable population groups in a metropolitan, multi-ethnic environment.

University of the Arts

In recent years Leiden University has developed a number of fruitful collaborative relationships with the University of the Arts The Hague (Royal Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Art), such as collaboration through the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, research by PhD candidates into the arts, education for art students and art education for students at the University and the joint organisation of cultural events at the intersection of art and knowledge, such as the project ARCart_research_convergence.

Cyber Security Academy The Hague

The Cyber Security Academy The Hague (CSA) is the initiative of Leiden University, The Hague University of Applied Sciences and Delft University of Technology. Its aim is to train professionals who want to help increase the digital resilience of states, organisations and individual citizens.
Cyber Security Academy The Hague


The Leiden Economic Agenda region is a partnership between six municipalities, umbrella organisations of business associations and the educational and knowledge institutions of the Leiden region. The implementation of the agenda is the responsibility of the Economie071 Foundation. Seven concrete projects are being worked on. These aim at improving the investment climate in the region to improve employment opportunities.

Collaborative networks in The Hague

Campus The Hague is an active participant in various relevant networks, such as:

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Leiden University entered into a covenant with The Hague University of Applied Sciences in 2019. This states that the partners aim to jointly:

  • initiate educational and research activities that focus on the international profile of the institutions and city of The Hague
  • make it easier for students to move onto a continuing programme
  • link excellent academic education to applied and practice-based research

See also: University to strengthen collaboration with The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Student and City

In the Student en Stad (Student and City) platform, Leiden University works together with the Municipality of The Hague and the higher education institutions in The Hague to ensure there is a good infrastructure for students.
Student en Stad 

Universities of the Netherlands

Universities of the Netherlands represents the interests of the 14 Dutch universities to the government and civil society organisations. It does so by facilitating debate, disseminating shared views, working on the reputation of the university sector and making strategic choices that improve academic education and research in the Netherlands. It is also an employers’ association that consults with government and employee organisations about the employment conditions in the university sector.
Universities of the Netherlands

Medical Delta

Medical Delta is the Delft-Leiden-Rotterdam consortium for innovation in health and medical technology. Partners in this consortium are not only the universities and their medical centres in Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam, but also science parks, incubators, companies and local and regional authorities. Medical Delta is recognised by the EU as a Region of Knowledge and is part of the prestigious European HealthTIES consortium.
Medical Delta


Together with the business community, Wageningen University and the three LDE universities of Leiden, Delft and Erasmus Rotterdam, the province of South Holland launched a knowledge and innovation programme to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. The programme, ACCEZ, should deliver new knowledge and solutions.
ACCEZ [in Dutch]


UNIIQ helps entrepreneurs in the province of South Holland bring their unique innovation to the market faster. This investment fund was set up by a consortium consisting of Erasmus MC, Delft University of Technology, Leiden University and the regional development company InnovationQuarter.

Leiden University Medical Center

Leiden University Medical Center participates in various regional, national and international partnerships.

Degree in education

Together with Leiden University of Applied Sciences, Leiden University offers a degree in education (Academische Pabo). This offers the best of both worlds: students develop teaching expertise in a broad sense and the professional qualities that a primary school teacher needs.
Academische Pabo [in Dutch]


In PLNT, Leiden University, Leiden University of Applied Sciences, the municipality of Leiden and entrepreneurs have joined forces to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship. PLNT is the meeting place for academic and student entrepreneurs: Lugus and Luris are together under one roof. PLNT provides workshops and has meeting and lecture rooms. Starting entrepreneurs can rent office space and there are many meeting places where they can exchange ideas.


Lugus is an association for and by Leiden students of all disciplines that helps them set up a successful business. It focuses on bringing together new and established entrepreneurs, with the philosophy that this cross-fertilisation can lead to new insights, ideas and businesses. 
Lugus [in Dutch]

De Zijl Bedrijven

De Zijl Bedrijven helps people with a disability or people who are reintegrating find a job in the Leiden region. Through this organisation, people work in the most diverse jobs at the University: they help look after the plants at the Hortus botanicus, are active in the library, do editorial work, work in catering, assist in laboratories, do administrative work and support research.
De Zijl Bedrijven [in Dutch]


LeidenGlobal connects cultural and academic institutions, including the University itself, with local communities, media, government and NGOs. The aim is to increase the global impact of the cultural and academic world by means of cultural meetings, education or the debate on policy. LeidenGlobal brings together experts on all continents.

Language Museum

Taalmuseum (Language Museum) is the initiative of Leiden University, supported by the Municipality of Leiden. It provides knowledge about language and enthusiasm for all aspects of it to everyone. Not a museum in a building, but in public space, with exhibitions and activities at locations in the city.
Taalmuseum [in Dutch]

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