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Centre for Innovation

The Centre for Innovation (CFI) has a mission to identify and explore transformative trends in a digital world, creating innovative methods, products and solutions for Leiden University and its partners.

Who we are

As an expertise centre, we work at the forefront, testing new tools and ways of working for education. We are a team of multidisciplinary experts, designers and developers with a vision to put people first in innovation. We develop learning experiences, applications, technologies, and methodologies, focused on understanding, exploring and impacting core issues. We shepherd questions, ideas, and insights between higher education and global society in order to build and transfer expertise on innovations that harness the full potential of the digital age. Our innovations foster collaboration within Leiden University and between (inter)national academic institutions, societal actors and the private & public sector. 

What we do

CFI works to prepare Leiden University for the digital future by exploring social and technological trends and experimenting with ways to reshape learning for the 21st century. 

We focus on four themes:

•    Digital Solutions for Education & Research
•    Learning Experiences
•    Lifelong Learning 
•    Data & AI for Social Impact

These themes can be seen as our exploratory areas of research, action and opportunity. Within each theme, we formulate a focus on subjects, called innovation topics, that can evolve and change over time as we identify new trends, opportunities or implement and scale our innovations. Our goal is always to transfer meaningful innovations into (higher) education and society.

Theme: Digital Solutions for Education & Research

In the theme: Digital Solutions for education & research, we experiment or develop technology, to solve meaningful problems for educators, students, researchers and the support structure surrounding them. As the future is increasingly digital—a trend changing how education is facilitated, administered and delivered in the classroom. Technology can inspire us to discover new breakthroughs in innovation in education, although digitisation is never an end in itself. Read more...

Theme: Learning Experiences

In the Learning Experiences theme, we focus on the experiential side of learning, so we can take advantages of new technology and knowledge that are opening opportunities to make education more diverse, accessible and engaging. Our focus areas in this theme are used to inform the work we do developing the other themes. Read more...

Theme: Lifelong Learning

In this Lifelong Learning theme, we explore learning opportunities from high school until retirement, and the organisational change that is needed to support lifelong learning. Learning can be seen as a lifelong process and educators feel the importance to serve broader audiences and to stimulate continuous learning, outside traditional education. Read more...

Theme: Data & AI for Social Impact

In the theme: Data & AI for Social Impact, we support partners to enact social change and reconsider educational support, using data and artificial intelligence (AI). We pilot data-driven solutions to societal challenges and consider the human aspects of data such as ethics, privacy, and transparency. Read more...

How we can help you

Are you involved in educational innovation and looking for expertise on digital technology or innovation methodology? Do contact us! We have extensive experience in innovation projects combining our expertise on innovation methodology, learning experience design, media development, artificial intelligence, data responsibility as well as process and project management. 

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