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Digital Sweat Room

Do you remember that point in time when you were allowed to write your signature on the wall of Leiden University’s Sweat Room? Now you can record your signature for posterity on our 360̊ photo of the best-known room in the Academy Building.

Just about everyone has a vivid memory of that moment, but wouldn’t it be great if you could take another look in the Sweat Room and find your own signature?  

Well, now you can in our digital Sweat Room! Take a good look around the thousands of signatures, try to spot yours and 'tag' it to show where your name can be found. If you’ve forgotten where your signature is, or if it’s faded over time, just put your tag in more or less the right place.

You can also take a leisurely look at all the famous names recorded in the Sweat Room, like King Willem-Alexander, Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela, and the cartoons and charcoal drawings that have been added over the centuries.

Visit the digital Sweat Room

You'll find the digital Sweat Room at www.hetzweetkamertje.nl.

Any questions or comments?

If there’s anything you want to ask about the digital Sweat Room, first take a look at the frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t in the list or if you have a comment you’d like to share with us, please contact us  via info@alumni.leidenuniv.nl

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