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Publicatie hoofdstuk door Timo Slootweg in "Great Christian Jurists in the Low Countries"

Timo Slootweg, associate professor at he department Philosophy of Law, published a chapter about Paul Scholten in "Great Christian Jurists in the Low Countries".

Born in Amsterdam in 1875, Paulus Scholten, jurist, died aboard a ship in 1946 on his way to the United States and Canada. In 1893, he enrolled at the Faculty of Law at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. In 1895, he passed the candidate’s exam, and in 1898 his (final) doctoral exam. In 1899, Scholten obtained his doctorate with distinction (cum laude) with a thesis on ‘damages other than contract and tort’.

"Great Christian Jurists in the Low Countries" was published online by Cambridge University Press on 16 September 2021. Read more in the online publication of Cambridge University Press.

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