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Marta Fiocco

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Dr. M. Fiocco
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Marta Fiocco is associate professor at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University and at Leiden University Medical Centre. Her research is in statistics applied to the medical field with focus in modelling oncological processes.

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Research Projects: 

1) Personalised Sarcoma Care:
predicting outcome and improving the balance between prognosis and quality of life for sarcoma patients.  Anja Ruten-Budde and Veroniek van Praag work on this topic. This project is a collaboration with dr. Michiel van der Sander from the Surgery and Orthopaedic Department at LUMC  and it is supported by a grant from KWF (http://www.kwf.nl).

2) Meta-analysis of individual patient data to investigate dose-intensity relation with survival outcome for osteosarcoma patients.  
Dr. Carlo Lancia works on this topic. This project is a collaboration with dr. Jakob Anninga from the Department Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen  and it  is supported by grant 163 from KIKA (https://www.kika.nl/)

3) Dose-intensity relation with survival outcomes in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia: a new analytic approach. 
Dr. Carlo Lancia and dr. Stéphanie van der Pas work on this topic.  This project is a collaboration with Prof Rob Pieters medical director Princess Maxima Centre for Paediatric Oncology  (Utrecht)  and Dr. Hester de Groot from the Dutch Childhood Oncology Group (Den Haag)  and it is supported by grant 275 from  KIKA (https://www.kika.nl/) 

4) Accounting for competing risks and multiple surgeries in knee and hip arthroplasty surgery. 
Dr. Stéphanie van der Pas works on this topic. This project is a collaboration with Prof Rob Nelissen from the Orthopaedic Department at LUMC  and  with LROI (Landelijk Registratie Ortopedie Implantatie www.lroi.nl) .

5) Model the time to return to work of unemployed people. 
Sanne Willems   works with this topic.  This project is in collaboration with UWV (administrative authority that implements employee insurances and provides labour market and data services www.uwv.nl) .

6) Individual Clinical Advanced decision-making  And Risk Evaluation for Ewing sarcoma . Sarah Bosma (PhD student at Leiden University Medical Center) works on this topic. This project is in collaboration with Prof. Uta Dirksen (Uniklinik Essen Germany).

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