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Education and Child Studies


The Institute of Education and Child Studies is part of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Leiden University. The institute is governed by an Executive Board under the direction of a rotating chairman, i.e. the Scientific Director and an Educational Director. The Executive Board is responsible for the educational  programmes offered by the institute, the research programmes carried out by the academic staff of the institute and the finances and personnel of the institute.

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The Institute Board is responsible for education and research and for the employees and finances of the institute. The members of the Institute Board are appointed for a maximum of three years. Reappointment is possible.

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The Programme Board, amongst other tasks, takes care of the organisation and integration of the offered education compliant to the Rules and Regulations. It advises the Institute Board about the content of the educational programmes.

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The Programme Committee of the Institute of Education and Child Studies advises the institute and faculty councils about everything that concerns education. Furthermore, the Programme Committee actively contributes to quality assurance of the Institute’s bachelor’s and master’s programmes.

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The Advisory Council advises the Institute of Education and Child Studies on all kinds of matters that concern the institute, such as education, research and communication.

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The Institute Council advises the Institute Board on all issues concerning the Institute of Education and Child Studies.

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The Board of Examiners determines in an impartial and competent manner whether a student possesses the knowledge, understanding and skills required to obtain a degree, as set out in the Course and Examination Regulations (OER).

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The Board of Admissions for Master's programmes of the Institute of Education and Child Studies assesses whether students are admitted to the (research) Master's programme.

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The Ethics Review Board of the Institute of Education and Child Studies supervises the ethical testing of research within the institute. Every research must be submitted to the Ethics Review Board.

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The research of the Institute of Education and Child Studies is housed in the Rommert Casimir Institute. Our research is organized around 3 themes.

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The Institute Office of the Institute of Education and Child Studies provides optimal support for management, staff and students.

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Six programme groups

The Institute of Education and Child Studies consists of six programme groups. These groups deal with one of the sub-areas within the educational sciences.

  1. Clinical Neurodevelopmental Sciences
  2. Educational Sciences
  3. Forensic Family and Youth Care Studies
  4. Learning and Behaviour Problems in Education
  5. Parenting, Child Care and Development
  6. Research Methods and Statistics

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