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Education and Child Studies


The Institute of Education and Child Studies aims to create a challenging academic environment in which students can flourish.

'Thinking about doing'

We teach our students to reflect critically on their actions relating to child-rearing and teaching. We call this ‘thinking about doing’. Students gradually work towards greater independence in the course of the programme. They actively contribute to the production of knowledge by participating in research projects (a research project is part of the curriculum). They also get the opportunity to apply what they have learned by participating in clinical work. In this context, ‘thinking about doing’ means acting on the basis of scientific principles and adopting a professional attitude towards adults and children.

Scientific attitude

Students develop a scientific attitude by:

  • writing essays,
  • presenting the results of their own research (as part of the master’s programme) and
  • discussing the results of their scientific work.

Essential qualities

In this way, they learn to be creative, productive and responsible. These are essential qualities for a scientific researcher, but they are also indispensable for clinicians and other professionals who work with clients.

Language of instruction

The language of instruction and examination of the Bachelor's programme is Dutch. The Master's and PhD candidates courses are offered in Dutch and English.

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