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Lecture | Workshop on zine-making

'Possible Titles - No Wrong Answers'

Tuesday 26 September 2023
Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden

Workshop on zine-making

We are excited to announce a hands-on workshop on zine-making as a reflexive, performative, and speculative praxis. The core question driving this workshop is: But where do we begin?

This workshop will take place on Tuesday 26 September (11:00-13:00), in 5A37. Students and staff are welcome.  


Zines are underground and non-commercial publications - often engaged or political in form and content. Using experimental printing, folding, and collage techniques, zines tend to be celebrated as creative and critical modes of output. 

But what if we consider zines and zine-making as a starting-point instead?

The workshop

This workshop focuses on zine-making as a point of departure, an orientation, a standpoint. We ask, How can zine-making help us speculate, articulate, and hack how we orient ourselves in the spaces we inhabit. How do we actually begin (with research, learning, teaching)? What's our starting point? And how do we proceed from there? 

During the first half of the session we'll introduce zine-making as a reflexive and speculative praxis; in the second half we invite all present to make a zine - tailored to a project they're about to begin.

What to bring

While no preparation is necessary, you may bring materials (written, visual, tangible) relating to a new project that you are willing to cut up, assemble, and edit into a collage. For instance: a copy of (GDPR friendly) fieldnotes, sketches or pictures that you can adapt to or present in new contexts.

The workshop is the first activity of our new CADS research cluster, The Field and the Classroom

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