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Science Based Business


Simcha Jong’s research focuses on the intersection of policy, R&D, and healthcare practice.

His projects examine challenges involved in building successful science-based ventures, in implementing disruptive technological innovations in healthcare settings, and in organising scientific work in an academic landscape that is increasingly internationally interconnected and tied into industrial R&D. In this research, Simcha builds on theory in the sociology, technology management, and entrepreneurship literature.

Simcha does not only disseminate his research through publications in scientific journals, he also directly engages practitioners by organising executive training and seminar events. These events have been attended by senior managers and policy makers from organisations such as MRC Technology, Reneuron, Astex Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, TSB, Cell Therapy Catapult, and the UK Departments of Health, and Business, Innovation, and Skills.