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Read about experiences of former students.

Coen Breedveld, Master student in Chemistry

SBB has shown me the wide range opportunities in the field between science and business. The courses in my master program were really interesting. However, while following the courses and in writing my thesis I found that my personal skills better fit with the business side of science. Read more

Koen Hokke, Master student in Biology

While being intrigued by al discovery’s in the field of Molecular Biology, my first experience with an internship made me quit unhappy. I failed miserably in all my experiments, hated the repetitive work that is part of being in the lab and had problems with staying motivated in a world that is very solitary. I wanted to do something where I could create value with my social skills, and was looking for a way to transition from science to business. Science Based Business gave me the opportunity to make this transition. Read more

Christophe Mombers, Master student in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences

Unlike many of my fellow students, I did not know I would enjoy the business side of science so much. I always planned to continue in research after finishing my education, until I started doing my research internships. During this period I noticed that I enjoyed the topics that were related to my study, but disliked the day-to-day research tasks and thus would not enjoy any of the research jobs that I always had in mind. To explore other possibilities, I registered for the SBB fundamentals course. Read more

Jornt Mos, Master student of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences & Science Based Business at Leiden University

Innovation is becoming more important every day, especially in the area of medical science and healthcare. Science Based Business allowed me to gain and develop my knowledge and skills in how to bridge the gap between fundamental research and business. Read more

Tim van den Berk, Bachelor student in Psychology

The SBB minor was a wind of change for me, a well appreciated breather in an overflow of theoretical knowledge that did not care much for trying to apply the knowledge. The biggest value of SBB in my opinion was that it challenged me, continually asking me to apply the knowledge in the case-based participatory method of studying. I chose SBB because of the practically oriented nature, and the personal smaller groups. The motivated staff goes the extra mile to provide possibilities for students eager to learn.  The course allows you to gain insight into why proper application of theory can make a successful business, and why successful companies do what they do. Read more

Annabelle Tjalma, Master student in Biomedical Sciences

After completing my bachelor in Biomedical Sciences, I did not have an exact idea of what I wanted. It is almost expected of you, as a student of science, to go into research and academia and so I did not have a clear view of the possibilities. What I was sure of, is that academic life was not for me. While the contents of the work was interesting, the individual work method, lack of social interaction with peers and methodologies were not. Read more

Oleg Guziy, on his participation in the courses on Business Ventures and Business Planning

Oleg has participated in the course Orientation on Technopreneurship (OoT) (now Research Based Business) in Spring 2010. "I am fascinated with innovation and new technologies since I can remember. This passion led me to my master degree in Physics and then to my current PhD position in Nanoscience at TU Delft. Read more

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