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Science Based Business


The entrepreneurial spirit is highly present among the SBB students. The many (successful) spin-off companies from Leiden University brought by (former) SBB students are proof of this.

Niall Hodgins on his Start-up "Nades Solutions"

For my internship I started a company based around some technology I developed during my research project the previous year. The company uses natural liquids to help pharmaceutical companies test new drugs in vitro. During this start up I won the best presentation award at the Science Meets Business Plan Competition and won Leiden’s Best Student Entrepreneur at the Gulliver competition.
Nades Solutions

Wouter Bruins on his Start-ups "In Ovo" & "Amplino"

I studied Biology and Science Based Business (SBB) and it was in this combination that I found out what I love doing most; technology transfer. Bringing technology from the lab  into the world. Biology taught me about the world of biotechnology and SBB taught me about business, marketing, finance and tech transfer, which when combined, gave me the opportunity of starting my own biotechnology venture. And so I did, during my Masters, together with others, I started a company in the poultry industry called In Ovo and a company in Malaria diagnostics called Amplino. Both are developing biotechnology products, one aims to change the way we grow chickens and the other the way we test Malaria in developing countries. 
In Ovo

Sander van Boom and Rick Overkleeft on their start-up "Filterless"

We provide pharmaceutical and biotech companies with software for high throughput cell screening. The platform we offer is modulair, so we can easily integrate different kinds of analyses and data. This allows companies to do their research faster and more efficiently. We aim to connect all types of biological data in a single database, so we can fully understand the impact of research.


ZF-screens was started by Pieter Slijkerman who as part of his SBB assignment took the initiative to research and develop the opportunity to apply technology developed at the Institute of Biology Leiden. He co-founded the company together with two professors of this institute.
ZF Screens


Founded by Filip ten Bruggencate while he still was a student. Making the business plan and starting the company was part his final assignment for finishing the SBB specialization.


Ocello was founded by Leo Price who, based on his research at Leiden University where ran a research group for many years. While following the SBB course on business venturing, Leo met former SBB student Paula van Rossum, working as SBB’s assistant manager at that time, who helped Leo with starting-up and became co-founder of the company.


Co-founded by former Computer Science & SBB student Mark Peeters

Flexous BV

Started by Oleg Guziy who followed SBB’s Technopreneurship (now Technology Ventures)  courses while he was working as a researcher at the Technology University in Delft.
Flexous BV


Syntecnos is a spin-off company of biology, initiated by Eric Wielhouwer, who has followed SBB’s entrepreneurship courses.


A recent startup co-founded by former SBB minor student Max Green.


Co-founded by Richard van Rijn, who followed one of SBB’s entrepreneurship courses while he was a PhD-student.


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