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Science Based Business


In a network- and case-based programme on management, business and entrepreneurship we focus on science-driven companies and exploiting business opportunities created by research.

© Rita van de Poel

As a science student you have been trained to develop analytical skills, the attitude for problem solving and the ability to learn fast as well as to apply creative thinking. This rather unique skill set is necessary to become a good researcher. At the same time, these qualifications are also valuable for industry and business. Many companies are looking for science graduates who will be able to fulfil challenging jobs requiring the above mentioned skills. However, as Louis Pasteur said: “Le hasard ne favorise que les esprits préparés”, or in other words: Fortune favours the prepared mind only. Most science graduates have little insight and experience in the field of business and entrepreneurship and are unaware of career opportunities within science or research based organizations. This creates a hurdle for you, as well as for company recruiters and investors who might be interested in funding your science-driven commercial activities. By following the SBB Programme you will be able to combine your scientific background with newly acquired business skills and become acquainted with the world outside of fundamental research.

Scientific research creates new knowledge which in turn generates new business opportunities. This provides a chance for science graduates to become involved in the process of innovation and business creation. As a science student you have the possibility to set-up your own research-based company or to decide to work for an established organization. At different stages of your science research career, there are plenty of opportunities to start or become involved in a research-based business. The SBB Programme will help you to recognize and exploit those opportunities more easily.

This Programme will provide you with the opportunity to exchange your ideas and experiences with like-minded science students. By means of working in teams and actively participating in case discussions, SBB challenges you to get to know more about yourself, your personal goals and your ambitions.

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