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Science Based Business

Information for Internship Host

Do you have a project that will benefit from analytical skills or knowledge of science? Are you looking for temporary management support? Do you want to offer talented science students the opportunity to get to know your business and acquire work experience? Then do consider involving a trainee from the Master Specialisation Science Based Business (SBB) of Leiden University.

Why Accept SBB Interns?

SBB students are trained in solving complex problems and are used to working independently. Due to their research experience, SBB students are able to efficiently gather information and to interpret this information critically. In addition, the combination of field related knowledge and analytical and management skills ensures that the students are trained as specialists that are also perfectly able to operate as generalists.

SBB students complement their research oriented Master of Science programme with acquiring business knowledge and skills.

The internship preferably relates to the student’s Master of Science programme and is an integrated part of the Master of Science SBB Specialisation (a two year programme, combining SBB courses with a research Master of Science).

Start and Duration of an Internship

The internship period is 3 to 6 months, including 3 to 6 weeks to be used for enhancing background knowledge.
Depending on the internship assignment and in consultation with the student, the internship period can be extended. An internship can start at any point throughout the year.

How to get in touch with an SBB intern

Science Bases Business students actively search for an internship position that suits their interests and skills. Companies can contact the SBB Studentboard to register an internship opportunity. The studentboard members can post this to the (closed) learning environment of SBB.

Internship plan

After you and the student have agreed on an internship, the student will write an internship plan. This plan will describe the intended internship activities and learning goals, to be approved by both the internship supervisor at the organisation and the internship mentor at the university.

Performance assessments during the internship

At the start of the internship you will receive a form with the assessment criteria. Halfway through and at the end of the internship period you can have a performance assessment interview with the trainee based on these criteria.

Supervision by the university

The SBB staff will ensure supervision by the university. Students are required to write reports to the SBB staff on their progress, so that possible bottlenecks can be spotted on time. In addition, an SBB staff member may visit on location to discuss the progress. The final grade for the internship will be determined by the SBB staff in consultation with the internship supervisor. Within two weeks after the end of the internship period the student is required to write an internship report.

What is expected of an SBB intern

If you would like to get a feel for what is required of an intern during their SBB internship, you can read the guidelines an internship must adhere to in the Internship Handbook.

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