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NWO Open Competition funding for three humanities scholars

Manon van der Heijden and Leo Lucassen, and Maarten Mous will receive NWO Open Competition funding. This funding amounts to a maximum of 750,000 euros and is intended to carry out research into a subject of their your own choice, without thematic preconditions.

Tolerant Holland?

Prof. dr. Manon van der Heijden (UL) & prof. dr. Leo Lucassen (IISG/OGC) - Tolerant migrant cities? The case of Holland 1600-1900
The Netherlands is a paragon of tolerance. In the Golden Age we welcomed many migrants without any significant conflicts, didn't we? The question is whether this is true, because we know little about the position of migrants in jurisdiction or conflicts between migrants and natives between 1600-1900. This research will change that.

East Africa’s early language history

Prof. dr. Maarten Mous (UL) - Unravelling East Africa’s Early Linguistic History
By finding out which languages are related, which have been in contact with each other and whether there are indications of any missing language groups, we are able to discover the linguistic history of East Africa as a basis for a comparison with archaeology and genetics.

NWO Open Competition

The NWO Open Competition domain Social Sciences and Humanities gives researchers the opportunity to conduct research into a subject of their choice, without any thematic preconditions. The research may be of a disciplinary, interdisciplinary or cross-domain nature. The research may focus on international collaboration between researchers and/or research groups.

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