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Evaluation and Testing Service

We can help to create and process written standard evaluations. You can also come to us for the automatic processing of written examinations.

Our services include:

  • the creation and processing of educational evaluations, both paper-based and online;
  • automated processing of written multiple-choice exams using scratch cards;
  • support for digital testing.

In addition, we offer educational advice and support on test creation, and interpretation of test analyses.

Evaluation Service

Paper or online questionnaires can be used to evaluate teaching. Using the software Evasys, LLInC creates evaluation forms and provides a standard PDF report at the end of the evaluation period. If required, more extensive reports can be provided (at an additional cost). This could include, for example, detailed analysis of specific questions.

Standard course evaluations can be requested from:

For other educational evaluations (e.g., a university-wide programme evaluation, ongoing thesis evaluations, customized evaluations), and for information and advice on evaluation or reporting opportunities, please contact:

Costs of regular (course) evaluations

Paper evaluations

Creation of a standard survey €17
Creation of a complex (custom) survey €32
Printing costs per sheet €0,13
Processing (equipment/maintenance) per sheet €0,36
Standard report (pdf, csv or sav)   €2
Detailed report with extra analysis: per sub-theme   €5
Administration / communication €10

Digital evaluations

Creation of a standard survey €22
Creation of a complex (custom) survey €37
Processing (equipment/maintenance) per sheet   €0,34
Standard report (pdf, csv or sav)   €2
Detailed report with extra analysis: per sub-theme €5
Administration / communication €10

*For the creation of entirely new or one-off questionnaires, an hourly rate will be charged.

Testing and exam service

You can have your written exams processed by LLInC.

Before the exam

You can pick up or order student completion forms/scrap cards from LLInC for this purpose. These scratch cards are suitable for multiple choice and correct/incorrect questions.

Bringing in and picking up scratch cards is by appointment only. Email us for an appointment.

After the exam

You return the scratch cards completed by the students, along with the answer key, to us. Within five business days, we will email you an Excel file with the exam results, statistical analysis, scoring and, if desired, grade calculation.

If an examination also contains open questions, the marks obtained for these can be added to the scores for the multiple-choice questions afterwards.

You can also email exam data to us (in an Excel file). This may be handy if the exam was taken via a digital testing program, and you would like LLInC to do the analysis.


Exam forms per sheet €0,13
Equipment costs €0,26
Processing per sheet €0,64

We offer educational support in digital testing with ANS or Remindo.

Educational advice when creating exams

Creating good exam questions (in order to create a reliable, valid test) isn't easy.

Poorly formulated questions can negatively affect test results.

With digital tests, additional factors such as possible fraud must also be taken into account. This requires a different type of exam and/or a different type of question.

Would you like educational experts to look at your exam?

We can advise on creating the answer model (in the case of open-ended questions), the manner of grading, or (for multiple-choice questions) varying the number of answer alternatives.

Support in interpreting statistical analyses from ANS/Remindo

When processing paper examinations, LLInC provides, by default, an Excel file with the results obtained per student and a statistical analysis of the examination. These include the p-values, rir values, guess score and alpha. ANS and Remindo also calculate these statistics.

You may find it difficult to interpret these statistics. For example, would you like to know:

  • what a low rir value says about a particular question?
  • what the possible consequences of removing a question from your exam might be?
  • something about the guess score?

We can help! Email us.

Training courses in digital test analysis

We offer training courses for teachers who wish to know more about, and practice, digital test analyses. If you are interested in such training, please contact us.

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