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Business Studies

Organisational & Entrepreneurial Behaviour

The research group Organizational & Entrepreneurial Behavior investigates the behavior of individuals and groups who start, work in, or lead organizations, in order to inform organizational practice. By focusing on the behavior of (groups of) employees, entrepreneurs and leaders, the main levels of analysis are the micro and meso levels.

Topics that are of particular interest for this research group are well-being, the work-life interface, motivational constructs, interpersonal dynamics, job design, (organizational) decision-making, individual characteristics, and employment relations.

The ultimate goal of increasing our understanding of organizational and entrepreneurial behavior, is to make individuals and groups flourish – allowing the organizations they operate in to better achieve their goals and to have a positive influence on society. Here, we take into account different forms of (sustainable) value creation, informed by collaboration with the Corporate Governance & Strategy research group.

Our research group aspires to be a knowledge hub for Law & Behavior and (empirical) research methods within Leiden Law School. We are eager to integrate the legal and social scientific perspectives, in order to work on complex (societal) questions that require an interdisciplinary approach.


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