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Business Studies

Corporate Governance & Strategy

The research group Corporate Governance and Strategy investigates how, with whom and for whom a firm/corporation creates/captures value, in order to inform practice and rule makers about governance issues. By focusing on the dual character of the firm as an entity by itself but also consisting of stakeholders, the main level of analysis is the firm level.

Topics that are of particular interest for this research group are the raison d’ être or viability of the firm, the purpose of the firm, the shareholder-stakeholder dichotomy, the boundaries/responsibilities of the firm, the difference between value creation and value capture, and new topics as one/multidimensional reporting, ESG, compliance to codes of conduct. A subtheme within this research group is centered around restructuring insolvent firms – the WHOA restructuring Lab.

The ultimate goal of increasing our understanding of the how,  with who and for whom firms create value, is to strike a balance between the firm interest and the interest of stakeholders, and society. We thereby take into account different forms of (sustainable) value creation (which can be complementary, but also conflict with value captured), informed by collaboration with the Corporate Governance & Strategy research group.

By inspiring and informing colleagues, our research group aspires to be a knowledge hub for Law & Behavior and (empirical) research methods within Leiden Law School. One of our objectives is thereby to integrate the legal and social scientific perspective, in order to work on complex (societal) questions that require an interdisciplinary approach.

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