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Business Studies


The department of Business Studies facilitates business study education to students of the Leiden Law School as well as the students of other faculties of Leiden University.

Need for an entrepreneurial attitude

​Companies, and other organizations in practice have a need for ambituous and entrepreneurial employees. These characteristics aren't only necessary when starting a company, but think also about the leadership qualities needed in your professional life like an open view to the world around us, an eye for change, creativity, and to dare to be assertive.

The department of Business Studies provides a multidisciplinary education by offering several education programmes where the students can combine these capabilities with their main study.

Students who combine their main study with business studies have something extra when they enter the labour market. They distinguish themselves from the mass of the students who graduate yearly by having a broader knowledge and extra capabilities. Besides knowledge of the main areas of business studies, also crucial management capabilities are being taught to the students. you should think of developing and implementing strategies,leadership, dealing with conflicts, insights in finance and profitability, and recognizing and preventing financial distress of companies.

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