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The Business, Technology & Public Policy research group of the Department of Business Sciences at Leiden University focuses on investigating the dynamic interaction between 'new' technologies and various stakeholders, including consumers, employees, and businesses. Our research delves into perceptions, behaviours, and attitudes related to technology and policy. Through our studies, we aim to translate empirical insights into normative implications and policy recommendations. We question to what extent these technologies challenge our prevailing individual and collective ideals and whether traditional legal regulations remain desirable and feasible.

The research interests of the group encompass a broad range of topics, including AI-human interaction, algorithmic personalization and recommendation systems, and the integration of technology within legal professions, strategic management, and business models.

To effectively evaluate the role that legal regulations can play in unlocking the full potential of technology and business, it is crucial to understand the essence of the technology itself. For this reason, our research group maintains close collaborations with external data science and technology experts to ensure that our knowledge remains in a leading position. Additionally, we have a strong partnership with the eLaw Center for Law and Digital Technologies.

Our research group serves as a central knowledge hub for the business practice of Law & Technology. We aim to merge business sciences and technology-specific business expertise with legal insight, translating social science research on technological advancements in business into actionable policy recommendations and regulatory solutions. In doing so, we aspire to bridge the gap between the ever-evolving business-tech landscape and the legal framework, fostering a synergistic interdisciplinary research environment where insights from both domains can flourish.


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