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Business Studies


Our researchers form a unique and interdisciplinary team who are active in various fields.

The department’s research is part of the Coherent Private Law research program, with a special emphasis on empirical-legal and interdisciplinary research. We research the interaction between law on one side and the behaviour of individuals, groups, and organizations on the other. For example, we study the behavioural effects of specific laws and regulations, such as those related to director liability or good employer practices. Another example is our research where we focus on examining the influence of the psychology of judges and other legal actors on their decision-making and judgment formation.  

Focus Areas

In the field of research, the Department of Business Studies has three focus areas: Organisational & Entrepreneurial Behaviour, Corporate Governance & Strategy, and Technology & Innovation. With these focus areas, the department aims to create a stimulating research environment where researchers, including doctoral candidates, collaborate and engage in knowledge exchange.

These focus areas represent the different levels of analysis in our research. At the micro-level, we conduct research on individual people and groups. At the meso-level we conduct research on the company, and at the macro-level we conduct research on the market itself. The units of analysis in our research are diverse, including entrepreneurs, employees, leaders, executives, (legal) decision-makers, and consumers, among others, who play central roles in our business scientific research.

Empirical Legal Studies

Our researchers possess significant methodological expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research methods, as well as analysis techniques. This proficiency has led the department to actively participate in the implementation of the sector plan aimed at promoting empirical-legal research within the faculty (see Empirical Legal Studies).

International Orientation

Our department has a great international orientation. Our researchers regularly publish in international journals and present their work at international conferences. They also have a lot of international connections.

Interaction with Practice

The researchers of the Department of Business Studies have extensive work experience in the business sector and legal practice. For instance, Niek Strohmaier is a member of the Kifid dispute resolution committee and works part-time as a paralegal at Resor. Jan Adriaanse and Marc Broekema serve respectively as the director and managing director of Kroll (formerly BFI). And until recently, Reinout Vriesendorp was a partner at De Brauw.

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