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International and European Governance (MSc)

About the programme

In the IEG you study such core themes as: decision making in multi-level governance systems; the transfer of sovereignty and policies to international organisations; and the effects of supranational policies on national governments’ ability to tackle domestic problems, among other issues.

Programme overview

The 1-year Master of Public Administration/IEG specialisation builds on two core courses followed by every MPA student: Public Institutions and Public Policy&Values, which give you an understanding of cutting-edge research in the field of public administration. Four specialisation-specific courses, one elective, and practical Research Design and Research Methods courses fill out your first three study blocks and prepare you to write your culminating master’s thesis in Block 4.

Courses are offered during two semesters: September-January and February-June.

Check the e-prospectus for the official course listing.

Educational methods

In the Master of Public Administration, International and European Governance track, you experience a combination of classic and innovative teaching methods:

  • Most courses consist of lectures but offer a degree of interaction and room for discussions;
  • Most of the instruction happens in small scale working groups in which active participation and preparation are expected.

This is a full-time programme. 

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