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International and European Governance (MSc)

Study programme

The IEG specialisation prepares you with knowledge and understanding of the key concepts and theories of management, decision-making processes and implementation in EU and international institutions.

In the IEG specialisation you learn to critically evaluate, design, and effectively implement public policies and programmes fit for societal problems that transcend national and regional borders. Courses support the advancement of general critical thinking, and you become familiar with the latest academic research in the field. In addition you acquire a solid toolkit of academic and professional skills that prepares you for a job in either international or EU organisations which are confronted with cross-border global challenges.


Contemporary governance systems are characterised by a variety of actors – public and private, local and international, formal and informal. Furthermore, actors operate in a complex institutional setting. What are institutions, how do they change, and what effect do institutions have on the behaviour of actors? These are the key questions in this course.

This course consists of a series of online learning modules covering different academic skills, qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection as well as methods of analysis. The online learning modules are combined with face-to-face group sessions in which these methods are discussed and applied.

This course offers an advanced understanding of core themes in the theory and practice of the various architectures of international and European governance. It deals with theoretical and conceptual frameworks for the study of international organisations, and international and European administrations, as actors in global politics and in international policy-making.


Because of the practical and highly focused nature of this one-year programme, which aims to quickly train a new generation of leadership for  the public sector, there is only one elective course (in Block 2).

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