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Arts, Media and Society (BA)

A day in the life

Are you interested in studying Arts, Media and Society at Leiden University? To have an impression of the student life, see the overview of a typical day out of the life of Zofia, first-year student.

Perihaan Khan


Perihaan Khan

08.00 I wake up, get ready for the day and have breakfast with my flat mates.
08:30 I catch up on some non-class related reading; right now I’m reading A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza.  
10:00 I revise the reading for today’s classes so it’s fresh in my mind during the lectures.  
11:15 Cinema and Photography: Theory. In this class we are introduced to Susan Sontag’s essay on the male gaze and discuss a few relevant case studies.  
13:10 I make myself lunch.
14:00 I do some readings for next week’s lectures.  
15:15 Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices. Today’s lecture is about popular culture and discusses Foucauldian theory as a way of explaining how Soap Operas can construct an ideal spectator.  
17:00 I go for a walk around the neighbourhood with a friend, and stop for groceries I need for tonight. 
19:00 I cook dinner with my flatmates. 
20:00 I hang out in the common room and put on a movie with the others.  
22:00 I'm off to bed
Leiden is a compact and manageable city, it’s never more than a short bike ride from your accommodation to the University.

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