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Arts, Media and Society (BA)

A day in the life

Are you interested in studying Arts, Media and Society at Leiden University? To have an impression of the student life, see the overview of a typical day out of the life of Zofia, first-year student.

Zofia van der Kroft

First-year student

Zofia van der Kroft

08.00 Getting up and eating breakfast. Then I bike to the university in 15 minutes.
08:50 I grab a coffee and catch up with a couple of friends before class.
09:00 Lecture of the course Representation. The theme of today is contesting images about race. We discuss the relationship of stereotypes to power.
11:00 Lecture Contemporary Visual Arts and Photography. This week we discuss realism and impressionism.
13:00 Lunch time. I like to go with a friend to this little bakery next to the faculty building and get a sandwich there.
14:00 I go to the library to study for a bit. I write an assignment and do some research for an essay.
17:00 The weather is nice, I go with my friend to the beautiful Botanical gardens to chill in the grass and catch up. With our student cards we can visit it for free.
18:00 I cycle home.
18:30 I invite a friend to cook and have dinner together.
20:00 I do some more research for my essay.
21:00 I go out to The Hague for a jazz concert with some friends who live there.
00:00 Ready for a good night sleep.
Leiden is a compact and manageable city, it’s never more than a short bike ride from your accommodation to the University.

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