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Arts, Media and Society (BA)

Continuing your studies

If you want to continue your academic education, the logical next step after obtaining your bachelor’s degree is to follow a master’s programme. You can do so at Leiden University, or at another university in the Netherlands or abroad.

Master's programmes

Do you want to follow a full academic programme? If so, after obtaining your bachelor’s degree you can continue with a master’s programme. Once you have successfully completed your master’s you will have earned the title of Master of Arts (MA).

Anna Loh


Anna Loh

"The bachelor provides you with transferable skills such as tolerance, receptiveness and a sense of criticality that will be very useful in your master’s and future workplace. At AMS, we were taught not to take any information for granted and instead always question what we see and read, which definitely helps me finding and formulating unique and relevant perspectives and approaches in my master’s research. The master’s itself is largely discussion-led, foregrounding the exchange between the students, something for which the BA prepared me well. As the master’s programme is shared with literature students, I find the discussions in class fascinating: they allow us to share our passion while also complementing each other’s knowledge through cultural and political insights other than our own."

The various types of masters at Leiden University are:

One-year master’s

Research master’s

A master’s in teaching

Other one-year master’s programmes

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