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Math requirement

Math requirement

If you do not meet the math requirement as explained here by the time LUC’s programme starts, you will be notified by the Admissions Office of which steps to take. You can start the programme without meeting the mathematics requirement. LUC students need to be able to comprehend the following skills, as well as be able to combine those:

- Quadratic functions
Solutions by factorisation
- Solutions by using quadratic formula
- Solving systems of linear equations
- Two linear equations/two unknown variables
- Trigonometry (solving simple trigonometric equations)
- Asymptotes (horizontal, vertical and slant via long division)
- Calculations with integers/fractions
- Power and fractional exponents/roots
- Derivatives logarithmic/exponential/trigonometric functions, product rule/chain rule
- Linear equations
- Polynomial functions
- Exponential functions
- Logarithmic functions
- Powers and roots
- Special products
- Fractions with letters
- Derivatives
- Extrema

For students who would like to prepare well before they start at LUC, there are several options. Please note that these are options. Taking a mathematics course is not required for admission. 

Exam Preparation

Free online training, Khan Academy
Khan Academy provides more information on mathematical skills, as well as free online courses.

Online Mathematics Placement Test A (OMPT-A)
This online mathematic test will be a good preparation for the math course at LUC. If you take this test and obtain a minimum score of 70% in max. 3 attempts, you also meet the mathematics proficiency requirement.

Math courses offered at the Boswell-Bèta InstituteThe Boswell-Béta Institute offers several math courses for students both in Dutch and English, in person and online:

All you need in Maths! by Jan van de Craats (available in English and Dutch)

‘All the math you’ll ever need: A self-teaching guide’ by Stephen L. Slavin

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