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Below you will find some of the questions most frequently asked by students. You will find the direct links to these answers or whom you can approach for more information.

Moving to The Hague / the Netherlands

Please find the information on this website.

Once you have signed your contract as a student in the Netherlands (no nationality requirement), you will be able to apply for rent benefit. Please keep in mind that you can only apply for this subsidy if you reside in a single studio. Occasionally it may take up to several months to receive the first instalment of the subsidy. 

More information on how to apply can be found here.

For more information on this topic, please check out our section on Bank Account.

We organize College Tours that you can sign up for. If you would like to learn more about them and sign up, please visit this site

Moving into and living in Anna van Buerenplein

No, the official starting date of your contract is August 20.

Yes, you are allowed to have guests and short-term stay is permitted. 

Due to security reasons LUC is unable to pick up, store or take responsibility for any items or packages shipped here on your name. 

Throughout the months of July and August, all new students will receive more information regarding their studio apartment and their moving in day. This will include information on how to get your housing contract, future address, the exact amount of rent and how to pay the rent. Please make sure you have access to internet during these months and check your email regularly.

Once you have signed your contract, as a student in the Netherlands (no nationality requirement) you will be able to apply for rent benefit. Please keep in mind that you can only apply for this subsidy if you reside in a single studio. Please, do keep in mind that occasionally it may take up to several months to receive the first instalment of the subsidy. 

More information on how to apply can be found here.

Of course! You will get a basic set of furniture (e.g. desk, night stands, chairs, electric stove, bed, lamps etc.), but you will definitely be able to personalise your own living space by bringing your own items. Please, keep in mind that at the end of your contract you will have to leave the room in its initial state. 

Formally registering at Leiden Univserity (Studielink, tution, ...)

Contact the front office student affairs. They will help you unlock your account.

All students will receive this message after they have submitted the enrolment request. No action is required as the message states: If you have already submitted an application for admission you may disregard this message. You have already applied for LUC before requesting enrolment in Studielink. Therefore, you do not need to do anything.

You can find all the information you need on the Leiden University students website. Follow this link

Please follow this link, for a 9-step explanation of how digital authorisation via Studielink works.

Please note that you can only pay tuition fees with digital authorisation if you have a bank account from a country in the SEPA area (EEA). If someone else (e.g. your father/mother) will pay, they also must have a bank account in the SEPA area AND have their own DigiD (a Digital Identity for Dutch citizens).

Only after you have submitted all required documents to LUC as stated on your Conditional Admission Statement, will your personal details be verified by the central student administration of Leiden University. This is only the case if your personal data cannot be obtained from the GBA (the Municipal Personal Records Database).

Only after you have submitted all required documents to LUC as stated on your Conditional Admission Statement, will your education be verified by the central student administration of Leiden University.

All students who wish to start at LUC The Hague need to have a reasonable proficiency in mathematics in order to be able to pass the science orientated compulsory courses of the first year. The Mathematics Diagnostic Exam will take place in the first week of classes. Students will be placed in either the two or three week course based on the exam results. Students scoring really high on the exam will be exempted.

The Refresher Mathematics course will take place during the Winter Break. This Refresher Mathematics course will prepare students to be able to successfully participate in the Mathematics course in the second semester of the first year. The two and three week courses will take place in January, before the start of Block 3. The exact dates are to be announced.

Your school will be able to certify your documents. Please check your Conditional Admission Statement for the requirements for a certified copy. At LUC we can also make copies and certify them for you free of charge. If you wish to come by with your original documents please send an email to: admissions@luc.leidenuniv.nl.

All documents as stated on the Conditional Admission Statement need to be submitted before the end of July (exception: A-Level candidates and Irish Leaving Certificate).

Contact front office student affairs.

Please download the power of attorney for tuition fee payment and return it to the financial department of Leiden University (fa@sea.leidenuniv.nl)

You do not need to do anything as it simply takes a little time before the student administration of Leiden University processes your statement and other documents. It can take a couple of weeks as the summer is the busiest time of the year from this department. Your status in Studielink will change after the documents have been processed and you have completed the tuition fee payment section.

As soon as your status in Studielink says “Enrolled” you can request a proof of enrolment. For more information please click here. 

As a student of Leiden University you will need two different types of card: a student card and a LU-card.

Student card
Your student card is your proof of registration as a student of Leiden University (or proof of enrolment). You will receive it by post at your Dutch address once you have completed all student registration formalities and paid your tuition fees. You will receive a new student card each academic year that you are registered as a student.

Your LU-card is your Leiden University ID card. It also serves as a print & copy card, library card and access pass. It remains valid for the duration of your studies. You must request a LU card yourself. You will not receive it automatically. Your LU card will be sent to your Dutch address. If you do not (yet) have a Dutch address you can collect your LU card at the Student Affairs Front Office in Wijnhaven.

More info on requesting an LU-Card.

During your introduction week you will have a session through which you will get acquainted with LUC's online platforms including its email system.

For detailed information on uMail, check out this manual.

You can find all the information about your personalised university card here.

Study adviser at LUC The Hague

Being a Student at LU(C)

Registration for courses will take place in July. You will be notified when registration is possible and what the procedure is.

You will receive your course schedule by latest a week before the academic year begins.

Academic Calendar 2020-2021

  From Until
Moving Day 14 August 2020  
LUC Introduction Week 15 August 2020 21 August 2020
Semester 1    
Block 1 24 August 2020 16 October 2020
Reading Week 12 October 2020 16 October 2020
Autumn break 19 October 2020 23 October 2020
Block 2  26 October 2020 18 December 2020
Reading Week 14 December 2020 18 December 2020
Winter break 21 December 2020 29 January 2021
Semester 2    
Block 3 01 February 2021 26 March 2021
Reading Week 22 March 2021 26 March 2021
Spring break 29 March 2021 02 April 2021
Block 4 06 April 2021 09 June 2021
Reading Week 07 June 2021 09 June 2021
Start summer break 10 June 2021 20 August 2021


You can find other important dates here.

Visa and Residence Permit questions

We will inform you via email once the IND approves your student visa. At approximately the same time the Dutch embassy will send you an invitation to collect your visa.

You should then contact the embassy directly to make an appointment to collect your visa (a sticker in you passport). We advise you to ask the embassy exactly which documents you should bring along to your visa collection appointment. Please check whether it is necessary to bring a second identification document. This is because, for security reasons, some embassies request that you leave an identification document at the reception when entering the building. 

Please note that there can be a delay between Leiden University receiving notification of your visa approval and the Dutch embassy receiving the same notification. Therefore there is no need for concern if you contact the embassy and are informed that they have not yet received the notification. Simply wait a day or two and contact the embassy again. 
You can find the contact details of all Dutch Embassies through the website of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Once your visa has been approved you have 6 months time to collect it. However please note that your visa is only valid for the study programme and start date stated in your Offer of Admission.
For legal and practical reasons, you are advised not to arrive earlier than one month before the start date of your study programme. You do not have grounds for legal residence before this period.

Once  your visa and residence permit application has been forwarded to the Dutch Immigration Department (IND) and your documentation is found to be in order we expect that your application will be approved in approximately 4 weeks time.

You may collect your visa at a Dutch embassy in any country in which you hold legal residency.  Please note that legal residency means that you hold a valid residence permit and not a short stay or tourist visa.

Please view the section Visa and residence permit.

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