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Open Science

At Leiden University, we see open Science as the way to make a greater scientific and societal impact. There is also great momentum across the Netherlands for open science, and for good reason.

Open science helps to increase the quality and integrity of research results, promote interdisciplinary research, and share new ideas more quickly and widely. This, in turn, helps knowledge to be created and sustained.

We support and encourage employees to embrace open science. We're also working towards a vibrant open science network across the university, with branches in faculties and institutes. 

Within this network, researchers will know how they can implement open science in their research practice and where to get support for this. They will also share suggestions to improve open science at Leiden University. 

Focus areas

We have four focus areas:

Because we believe in an evidence-based approach to Open Science, we are starting a research group based at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies. The goal of this group is to study Open Science and Open Science practices.

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