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Academia in Motion

Would you like Leiden University to be a more open workplace that recognizes and rewards all contributions, and an institution that creates and shares knowledge more freely with society?

The Academia in Motion (AiM) programme aims to make this vision a reality. AiM stands for a better balance between education and research. It's also about finding new ways of recognising and rewarding our employees, and about putting open science, collaboration, well-being and leadership at the heart of our work.

Innovative and inclusive

Our ambitions reflect our desire to create a more innovative and inclusive working environment. They also reflect the changing role of academia: one in which science is conducted at the heart of, and often in partnership with, society.

Going from vision to reality requires structural effort, a cultural change and dialogue across the university. That's why the Executive Board created Academia in Motion (AiM).

  • A strategic, university wide five-year programme, from 2022-2027.
  • Activating Open Science and Recognition & Rewards across the university.
  • Encouraging faculties to set up initiatives that suit their working environment.

Karlijn Hermans (Open Science) and Cas Henckens (Recognition & Rewards) coordinate the AiM programme together with the other members of the AiM Steering Group and ambassadors within the university. Together they are here to stimulate and support bottom-up initiatives.

Join us! Everyone has a role to play: academic and professional services staff, at all levels of the university.

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  2. Reach out with your questions or ideas: academiainmotion@bb.leidenuniv.nl
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