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Recognition & Rewards

With Academia in Motion, our University joins the national initiative for a new form of recognition and rewards in academia. 

This initiative reflects concerns at all universities about heavy workloads, the quality of assessment and the lack of transparency in career policy. Through Academia in Motion, we strive towards:

  • More academic career balance. Employees should have the possibility to focus on their strengths within the domains of research, education, societal relevance and leadership, rather than being expected to excel in all areas.  
  • Greater transparency. This means moving towards an open academic culture: one with not only open creation and dissemination of knowledge but also transparency in career prospects, terms of appointment and criteria for assessment and promotion.
  • Better leadership. Collaborative leadership — shifting 'from I to we’ — is key to feeling valued and recognized, achieving work-life balance, and for achieving inclusiveness and transparency in assessments, appointments and promotions. Policies relating to remuneration, promotion, careers and the appointment of professors should reflect these values.

Actions we are taking

In line with the needs of the team and the organisation, we will stimulate career balance and appropriate assessment. This means:

  • Clear descriptions within faculties related to profiles and how employees carry out their roles, as well as room at an institute and team level for people with various portfolios.
  • More focus on the quality of work in assessments relating to appointments, promotions, annual appraisals and grant applications, and on not only individual performances but also on contributions to collaborations.
  • Increasing transparency in relation to career prospects, remuneration, conditions for appointment, and criteria for assessment and promotion.
  • Encouraging employees and managers to make time for leadership development.
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