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Marc Broekema


M.J.R. Broekema
+31 71 527 5200

Broekema is a partner at Talanton Valuation Services in Amsterdam where he provides a range of valuation consulting services to clients for analysing merger and acquisition targets, shareholder disputes, tax valuation, internal restructurings and fairness opinions, for a wide variety of industries.

Meer informatie over Marc Broekema

Prior to joining Talanton, he owned and managed several IT-companies. Broekema holds a master degree in economics/valuation and law, and a postmaster degree in valuation.

His research concerns a study - under the working title ‘Why valuations fail’ - to the underexposed elements when valuing a firm, and its impact on valuation outcomes. One of the most discussed dilemmas when valuing a firm is how to predict its future performance. There are innumerable assumptions that lay beneath a predication, or events that gradually can influence predications. The study is an attempt to improve the predication process when determining the economic value of a firm that can be applied to determine the fair market value of a firm from a ‘going-concern’, ‘as-is’ and ‘stand-alone’ perspective.


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