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André Gerrits

Professor of International Studies and Global Politics

Prof.dr. A.W.M. Gerrits
+31 71 527 2949

André Gerrits is Professor of International Studies and Global Politics, and Chair of the MA International Relations (European Union Studies / International Studies) and the BA International Studies, based in The Hague. Previously, he held the chair in Russian History and Politics at Leiden University and the Jean Monnet Chair in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Gerrits was also a Senior Research Fellow at the Netherlands Institute of International Studies Clingendael. 

He has published multiple articles, edited several collections, and wrote various books on these and related topics. He conducted several research projects financed and / or commissioned by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the European Commission.

Fields of interest

Gerrits’ main fields of interest include ideas in world politics, Russian domestic and international politics, and EU external relations. 

Solidarity and the European Union - Annotated Version

Publication Highlight

Book: André Gerrits - Nationalism in Europe Since 1945. Palgrave, 2015.


Online lecture series on the cold war (in Dutch)

College 1/5: "Wat waren de voordelen van de Koude Oorlog?"

College 2/5: "Hoe kon massamoordenaar Stalin zo populair zijn?"

College 3/5: "Hoe heeft de computer de Sovjet-Unie verwoest?"

College 4/5: "Is Rusland een dictatuur?"

College 5/5:  "Hoe lang nog voordat er een nieuwe Koude Oorlog uitbreekt?"

Professor of International Studies and Global Politics

  • Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
  • Institute for History
  • History and International Studies

Work address

Johan Huizinga Building
Doelensteeg 16
2311 VL Leiden
Room number 0.19b



  • Nederlands Genootschap voor Internationale Zaken, afd. Amsterdam Chair
  • Netherlands Helsinki Committee Committee member
  • Editorial Board Internationale Spectator Member
  • Foundation for Progressive Politics Member Scientific Council
  • Advisory Council Netherlands-Russia Year 2013 Member