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Welcome to the Europe Hub at Leiden University!

Leiden University’s new ‘Europe Hub’ is an interdisciplinary platform that showcases the university’s research and teaching expertise and capacities on the challenges that Europe faces, both at home and abroad. It draws upon scholars employed in various faculties - in particular the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs (FGGA), Faculty of Humanities (FGW), Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FSW), and the Leiden Law School (FdR).

The citizens, governments and regional institutions of Europe face a wide range of complex societal and governance challenges over the coming decades. These include the climate and energy transition, the regulation of artificial intelligence, the preservation of democracy and the rule of law, and the place of the EU in a multipolar world. To address these challenges in an effective and sustainable manner, national governments and European institutions, as well as Europe’s citizens and civil society organisations, will have to make difficult choices. Cutting-edge scientific research and innovative teaching can inform these choices.

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