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Internship information

An important part of the SCS specialisation is the internship period. Students will get the opportunity to get to know the field and to apply what they have learned during the courses.

We have a large network of internship organisations, so a wide variety of internships are possible. A few examples of internship organisations are: science museums, popular science magazines, newspapers, patient organisations, educational organisations, websites, radio, and television.

More information for prospective internship organisations can be found here.

There are three types of internships:

  • Research internship: a full time science communication research study at an organisation or at the SCS department (linking to our own research); e.g. a research study about the chain of scientific article, press release, news article.
  • Practical internship:  a full time internship at an organisation, working on practical assignments; e.g. working as a science journalist at New Scientist.
  • Combination of practical and research internship: a full time internship within an organisation that includes a research component, relevant to the practical work; working at science museum Museon on a lesson about nutrition and simultaneously doing research about the prior knowledge and interest of elementary school children about that topic.

Within the internship period, at least 10 EC should be spent on science communication research. See student projects for more examples.

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