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Research project

Evaluation of the Law Ombudsperson for Children

To what extent does the Law Ombudsperson for Children achieve its goals as intended by the legislator when introducing the law?

2016 - 2017
ZonMw ZonMw

Since 2011 the Netherlands has a Ombudsperson for Children. His or her most important task is to advance the rights of children. The Ombudsperson for children offers education and information to the public, advice to policy makers and legislators and can investigate cases in both private and public organisations in which the compliance with children’s rights is at stake. The opinions and inner worlds of children play a vital role in all these legal tasks. 

This research evaluates the Law Ombudsperson for Children. Its aim is to map the effectiveness and the (side)effects of the law in practice. The research is divided in three divisions evaluating (1) the legal framework, (2) the organisation, and (3) experiences in practice and policy impact. This approach offers three perspectives which are applied to the question how the Ombudsperson for Children achieves its designated legal role, tasks and powers and to what extent and in which way the Ombudsperson cooperates with other organisations in the Netherlands. 

The research team is multi-disciplinary and can draw from expert knowledge in law, international Children’s law, public administration, pedagogy, and  anthropology.

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