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International Civil and Commercial Law (Advanced LL.M.)

What do you need to know when negotiating commercial contracts in an international setting? How do you secure the performance of those contracts? And how do you successfully navigate a company through an international arbitration? Learn about this and more from both an international, academic and a practical perspective.

Ceylin Üsküp

Student International Civil and Commercial Law (Advanced LL.M.)

Ceylin Üsküp

"The program equips students with the necessary skill set for an international commercial lawyer. At several moments during the academic year, I found myself thinking how beneficial a particular new concept would have been to tackle an issue I dealt with in the past as a practicing lawyer."

"Thanks to the excellent curriculum covering all the relevant aspects of international commercial law and the reputation of Leiden University, I found a job as a corporate lawyer in the Netherlands just before my graduation."

Ewan McKendrick

Professor Private Law and Programme Director Adv. LL.M. International Civil and Commercial Law

Ewan McKendrick

"This LL.M. is best described as academically challenging but infused with high-level examples from practice in a programme that covers all the relevant areas of international commercial law."

"Throughout the year, our students are trained in the skills essential to an international commercial lawyer. They leave our programme well-prepared for their future work as a lawyer, whether inhouse or in private practice, advising or litigating in international business."

Samuel Delcominette


Samuel Delcominette

“Taking part in the ICCL Programme at Leiden Law School not only led me to a great job as a lawyer but also helped me to develop as a person."

"More specifically, this programme offers the opportunity to meet incredible people and to live in the beautiful city of Leiden. There is a perfect balance between the academic and business-oriented aspects of the programme. Not a week has passed without me referring to our lectures or consulting one of our reading materials since I started practising law in Brussels.”

Why did Riya choose International Civil and Commercial Law?

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What does this master's programme entail?

This post-graduate programme at Leiden Law School, one of the oldest European universities, prepares students for a future in international business. Professors from both Civil Law and Common Law jurisdictions, as well as many distinguished guest lecturers, demonstrate how to navigate the different levels of international, EU and national norms relevant for international commercial transactions. Theory is combined with experiences of practitioners with a strong emphasis on teaching you the lawyering skills crucial for this area of the law.

Reasons to choose International Civil and Commercial Law at Leiden University?

As a student of the advanced master’s International Civil and Commercial Law, you will benefit from:

  • Comprehensive approach: This programme is truly all-inclusive in its quest to shed light on transnational, international and comparative aspects of law. 
  • Unique case studies: Many lecturers in the ICCL programme work in civil and commercial law practice and use their real-life cases to enhance your learning experience.
  • Excellent reputation: Leiden Law School has developed its reputation for excellence by combining a high level of academic teaching with acclaimed and innovative research. Its tradition of quality attracts prestigious professors and professionals from around the world who teach you in a challenging and supportive atmosphere.

Find more reasons to study International Civil and Commercial Law at Leiden University.

Is International Civil and Commercial Law the right programme for you?

Are you interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of the intertwined layers of international, EU, UN and national laws which make up the complex area of international civil and commercial law? Then this is the programme for you.

This Advanced Master’s Programme is a good fit if you are a law graduate with an excellent academic record wishing to pursue a challenging LL.M. or a legal practitioner seeking to further specialise in various private and commercial law aspects of cross-border trading, contracting and competing.

You can either complete this programme in one year as a full-time student or in two years as a part-time student (only open to students from the EU/EEA).

Read more about the entry requirements for International Civil and Commercial Law.

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