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The Merovingian cemeteries of Sittard-Kemperkoul, Obbicht-Oude Molen and Stein-Groote Bongerd

A number of scholars joint forces to analyse and re-analyse a number of Merovingian cemeteries and publish the results in the series Merovingian Archaeology in the Low Countries published by Habelt Verlag in Bonn (Germany). We call it the ANASTASIS project. This is the third volume in which the data of cemeteries in Sittard, Obbicht and Stein are published.

Mirjam Kars, Frans Theuws, Maaike de Haas
05 October 2016
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The cemeteries in Sittard, Obbicht and Stein were located at short distances from each other in the Dutch province of Limburg and share a number of characteristics. Their location in the landscape, the finds and the grave structures are studied in detail. The results of these studies allowed a reconstruction of the chronological development and the topographical structure of the cemeteries. A possible history of each of the burial communities is suggested.

Grave chambers

In each volume, we tackle a specific problem in the form of pilot studies on Merovingian burial rituals. In this volume, we deal with the extensive use of grave chambers in the Sittard cemetery, the deposition of weapons in four cemeteries in the Southern Netherlands and the possibilities of the study of pottery production on the basis of identical stamp impressions with which pots were decorated.

An extensive catalogue of the graves, their constructions and finds is provided. The book is in full colour with colour photographs of all finds, which allows a new appreciation of the beautiful objects in Merovingian graves.

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