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Healthy University @Home

What can we do to ensure we study and work at home in a healthy and responsible way? Leiden Healthy University, part of the international healthy universities network, has put together some tips and tools to help you.

We're more often at home, rather than at our regular place of work or study. We lack direct contact with our fellow students and colleagues, but also have to do without our usual social circles and physical activities. How can we keep in good mental health, and ensure that we study or work at home in a pleasant and responsible manner?

Studying and working at home presents various challenges. The tips and tricks we offer here are intended to help our students and staff.

Maybe you have tips and suggestions we could pass on?

If there are topics you feel are missing, or you have a healthy initiative you would like mentioned, email Marjolijn Clarenbach-Rispens, our Healthy University coordinator: m.clarenbach@bb.leidenuniv.nl. We won’t be able to include everything right away, but the most relevant matters will be given a suitable place on these pages.

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