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Gert-Jan Lelieveld in NRC: Fear of the coronavirus is also pervasive

We’re susceptible not only to viruses, but also to fear of viruses. What are the psychological principles at work here? Social and organisational psychologist Gert Jan Lelieveld on the Corona virus at the Dutch news website NRC. Read his 'behavior column' in English.

Fear of the coronavirus is also pervasive (February 2020, Leiden Psychology Blog)

Gert-Jan Lelieveld developed two lines of research that examine interpersonal processes. One line of research focuses on the interpersonal effects of emotions. The second line of research focuses on the victims, actors, and observers of social exclusion (ostracism). Besides these two main lines of research, he also investigates deception and lying, economic decision making, and moral behavior. 

Read more in Dutch: Gert-Jan Lelieveld in de media 

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