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Meijers Prizes, Van Wersch Springplank prizes and Thesis Prizes awarded at New Years’ reception

On Thursday 10 January a number of prizes were presented to researchers and students.

First the annual Meijers prizes were awarded for the best published article, of each faculty research programme, written by Assistant Professors or other academic staff members. The winners received a certificate and a sum of money to spend on research.

Criminal Justice

Lucas Noyon: “Het wantrouwen in de strafrechtspleging. Misschien wel veel interessanter dan het vertrouwen”

In: Bosma A.K., Buisman S.S. (red.) Methoden van onderzoek in het strafrecht, de criminologie en de victimologie. Deventer: Wolters Kluwer 105-121


Coherent Privaatrecht

Ruben van Uden: “Oversecurering en vrijgave. Over de werking van de Algemene Bankvoorwaarden bij een overmaat aan zekerheden”            

In: Tijdschrift voor Insolventierecht 2019(2) 70-80


Exploring the Frontiers of International Law

Thea Coventry: “Appropriate Measures at Sea: Extraterritorial Enforcement Jurisdiction over Stateless Migrant Smuggling Vessels

In: the Maritime Safety and Security Law Journal


Effective protection of fundamental rights in a pluralist world

Hoko Horii: ”Pluralistic legal system, pluralistic human rights?: teenage pregnancy, child marriage and legal institutions in Bali

In: The Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law


Hervorming van sociale regelgeving

Clare Fenwick: “The political economy of immigration and welfare state effort: evidence from Europe

In: European Political Science Review 11, 357-375


The Legitimacy and Effectiveness of Law & Governance in a World of multilevel jurisdictions

Raisa Blommestijn: “100 jaar Weimar: Reflectie op democratie”

In: Nederlands Juristenblad 2019, nr. 40, 3018-3024


The Progression of EU law: Accommodating change and upholding values

Daniel Mândrescu: “Applying (EU) competition law to online platforms: Reflections on the definition of the relevant market

In: World Competition 41(3): 453-483


Van Wersch Springplank prizes were awarded to Ruben van Uden and Hoko Horii

Two of the seven winners were also honoured with a Van Wersch Springplank prize. This year these ‘stepping stone’ prizes amount to two awards of €5000 for scholarly publications by talented researchers in the area of medical/pharmaceutical and legal research. The 2020 winners are Ruben van Uden and Hoko Horii.

The thesis prizes were awarded to Vincent Peeters, Joyce Essers and David den Blaauwen (not in the photo)

Finally, the prizes for the best thesis written by students in the previous academic year were awarded by jury chairman and Professor of Legal History Egbert Koops. The recipients of these prizes were Vincent Peeters, David den Blaauwen and Joyce Essers.


Before the presentation of all the prizes, Assistant Professor Bastiaan Rijpkema gave the Meijers lecture entitled Boeren, Extinction Rebellion en ons parlement (Farmers, Extinction Rebellion and our parliament).

The event was concluded with a New Years’ reception held in the KOG restaurant.

See the photos taken by Monique Shaw at the Meijers Lecture and New Years' reception

Dean Joanne van der Leun raises her glass to the New Year
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