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Grammar school pupils visit Wijnhaven

Professor Bibi van den Berg welcomed a class of grammar school pupils to the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs on 10 May 2019. The children were given and introduction to the university and together with their teachers they discussed the internet and online security.

The Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) believes it is important to show people from outside of the academic world what their research is all about. This is the reason they invited the class from grammar school ‘OBS de Esch’ in Rotterdam for this unique visit. For the pupils the visit to The Hague was one big adventure. They were welcomed by Bibi van den Berg wearing her formal robe and were invited to take a seat in one of auditoriums in Wijnhaven while Van den Berg gave an informal lecture on what an university is.

Internet and security

Attention was given to the subject of internet security, in order to explain ISGA’s research. Tommy van Steen, an Assistant Professor in Cyber Security Governance at ISGA and Daan Weggemans, who is conducting PhD research into the authority of technology at the same institute, were both present to engage with the grammar school pupils.

On the internet at an early age

These days, children are active on the internet from an early age and as a result are faced with security dilemmas. They were asked to answer questions, for instance, about identity fraud, when someone is impersonating someone else. Their answers clearly showed that these pupils (aged nine to ten) spend an incredible amount of time online and are aware of the benefits and dangers. In the future more classes will be invited to visit the faculty.

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