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Security Studies (BSc)

Security challenges such as terrorism and cybercrime rank among the most pressing issues of our time. In the Bachelor’s in Security Studies you study 21st century security challenges and learn to devise strategic solutions to a complex world.

Nana Salim

Student Ambassador Security Studies

Nana Salim

"I'm proud to be the student ambassador for this exciting, new programme that gives in-depth insights into global issues such as terrorism and natural disasters. It gives me a better understanding of the world around us. This bachelor is relevant, international and unique in the world. Come join us in The Hague!"

Ramesh Premaratne Ganohariti

Tutor / Lecturer

Ramesh Premaratne Ganohariti

"By combining academic knowledge from multiple disciplines, the Security Studies Program takes a unique approach in analysing and proposing recommendations for contemporary safety and security challenges. Also, the small class sizes in the Skills Labs provide the opportunity for students to develop academic, professional, and soft skills through the collaborative process of sharing ideas and knowledge whilst working on varying projects. All in all, if you are interested in becoming tomorrow's safety and security expert, then this program is for you."

Sophie van Gemert

Student, second year

Sophie van Gemert

"After finishing the first year of the bachelor programme security studies, I can say with confidence that this study has already taught me some very important skills. By analyzing different international security and safety issues, which are sometimes also supported by guest lectures of very impressive speakers, my knowledge grows every single day. Besides that, the campus in The Hague has an extraordinary location where you will find yourself studying in the same city as where security policy is made on a daily basis. Security and safety issues are of great importance nowadays and with this study, I hope to participate in the policy-making for these domains in the future'."

Why study Security Studies?

International terrorism, cybercrime, natural disasters and other issues affect the security and safety of millions each day. In Security Studies you learn to unravel security challenges by focusing on the political, historical and societal context in which they arise, as well as the effect of governance, institutions, and the media. You gain an academic perspective, and the ability to think critically about complex issues while taking all relevant factors of specific security challenges into account.

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Why Security Studies at Leiden University?

This English-taught programme challenges you to combine critical thinking with a practical attitude and helps you to develop into an all-round, academically trained, highly employable security specialist.

  • International community
  • Interdisciplinary approach security and safety challenge
  • Research-led and practice-oriented
  • Three-step teaching philosophy: Explore, Understand and Do
  • Combination of lectures and skills labs; where academic and professional skills are trained in small groups
  • Taught in the Centre of The Hague; the international City of Peace, Justice and Security

Is this the programme for you?

  • Do you read the international news with interest, seeking the interaction between global (security) events and their effect upon people, nations and organisations?
  • Are you an engaged and curious critical thinker?
  • Are you stimulated to find solutions to the crucial security and safety issues that arise every day?
  • Do you want to learn from leading academics and security professionals?

Then the Bachelor’s in Security Studies is for you!

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