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'I cook, therefore I am'

For a new food-related exhibition in the Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam, archaeologist Dr. Joanita Vroom has cooperated in creating the Taste Lab, where one can look, listen, taste and cook. Moreover, she designed a series of food workshops.

Ancient garlic from Syria

In the exhibition 'I cook, therefore I am. A journey through the kitchen with Abdelkader Benali’, writer and historian Abdelkader Benali and art historian Alexandra van Dongen show the history of the role of food in everyday life. In this exhibition objects from the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University are on display, such as an Assyrian bowl from excavations at Tell Sabi Abyad (Syria) containing ancient garlic of 4000 years old!

Taste Lab

Benali had in mind a room which would be a enjoyment for the nose and the tongue. Hence, a so-called ‘Smaakstudio’ (Taste Lab) will be opened on the ground floor of the Wereldmuseum. This room, wherein one can look, listen, taste and cook as well, is created in close collaboration with the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University and the ‘Verhalenhuis Belvédère’.

Food workshops

Dr Joanita Vroom from the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University (Near Eastern and Mediterranean Archaeology) designed a series of food workshops linked to the exhibition, for those interested. The subjects are different cuisines from various parts of the world, which are addressed in a playful manner.

The origin of old recipes are looked into, which vary from the Babylonian period until the time of Couperus. During every workshop, several ancient appetisers are served. By tasting the food and drinks and, at the same time, filling in a questionnaire, visitors young and old contribute to the scholarly investigation of Dr Vroom and her students.

Check out the website of the Wereldmuseum for more information.

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