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Symposium Human - Wildlife conflicts in Africa 2016

The symposium “Human-Wildlife conflicst in Africa” was held on the 27th October in the Academie gebouw of Leiden University in honor of the retirement of Prof.dr.ir. Hans H. de Iongh

Human-wildlife conflicts

The main topic of the symposium was human-wildlife conflicts in Africa, especially in relation to large predators like lions. Several speakers covered this this topic from different angles, ranging from fundamental ecology (predators favor grazers), conservation in practice in Africa, socio-ecological comparison in large predator acceptance between India and Africa, up to the human-wildlife conflicts caused by diseases. Also the role of trade unions in the University arena, also one of Hans de Iongh important activities, was paid attention to.

Liber Amoricum and  Royal Decoration

Liber Amoricum

After the program, a liber amoricum, “The mermaid and the Lion king” was presented. Copies of this wonderful book can be obtained at the CML-secretary.  A big surprise was that the mayor of Leiden conferred the royal distinction “Officier in de Orde van Oranje Nassau” on prof. dr. Hans de Iongh.

The symposium was organized by the department of Conservation Biology of the Institute of Environmental Sciences, Leiden University (CML).  The presentations of this symposium can be downloaded as pdfs from the program below.

Download of presentations (PDF)

prof. dr.  Herbert Prins

Competition between large grazers and cattle in the African savanna (9 Mb)

dr. Pricelia Tumenta

Large carnivores conflicts in Africa (1 Mb)

prof.dr. Gerard Persoon & Shekhar Kolipaka MSc

Little Africa in India: human-wildlife conflicts in Panna Tiger Reserve (13 Mb)

dr. Maarten Schrama

Wildlife Conflicts and vector borne diseases (8 Mb)

dr. Rinny Kooi

Role of Trade Unions in universities (14 Mb)

prof.dr.ir. Hans de Iongh

Wildlife Conflicts in Africa and beyond (9 Mb)



Hans de Iongh and mayor Lenferink of Leiden

Royal decoration for Hans de Iongh

Hans de Iongh was named 'Officier in de Orde van Oranje Nassau' . His work on the prevention of lion extinction in Africa was one of the reasons for this award.

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