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Pesticides and the Environment

The book ‘Pesticides and the Environment’ gives a transparent overview of facts and figures concerning pesticide use in the Netherlands and the impact of pesticides on the environment.

G.R. de Snoo and F.M.W. de Jong
01 June 1999

In the first part of the book the number of active ingredients and products on the Dutch market over time are presented, as well as the use data in kilogram for the different pesticide groups (pesticide sales). Also data concerning the variation in pesticide use among farmers’ are presented. Based on the use data of the pesticides in the different crops the potential impact of the different pesticide groups is calculated.

In the second part of the book an overview is given of the measurements of pesticides in the different environmental compartments. Concentrations of pesticides in Dutch surface water, soil water and air are presented. Also the residues in human food and wildlife are summarized. In the end the wildlife incidents due to the use of pesticides are discussed.

The book has been written by authors of different scientific institutes in the Netherlands and is written for everyone who is involved in pesticide research, policy and education in the Netherlands.

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