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Sustainability in education

The university aims to expose all students to sustainability topics and issues that are relevant to their field during their time studying here. Students are educated to become academic professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute to the sustainability transition.

Sustainability is a key part of legal practice and is therefore covered in many of the faculty’s courses. For example, the Urgenda case brought by the Dutch Urgenda Foundation established that the Dutch government is not doing enough to prevent climate change, which is detrimental to its citizens. The minor in Tax and Society: Building a Sustainable and Fair Tax System (given in English) focuses on the social and sustainable aspects of the international tax system.

Courses & Sustainability

Subject Course SDG's
Aerospace Law Law 13
Corporate Social Responsibility Law 8, 12
Current Issues of European Integration Law 7
European Union Law Foundations Law 16, 17
Global and European Labour Law Law 8
Immigration, Integration and Non-Discrimination Law 10
Introduction to Children's Rights Law 1, 2, 3, 4 
Introduction to International Human Rights Law Law 5, 8, 10, 16 
Law, Governance and Development Law 16
Moot Court Public International Law Law 16
Protection of Human Rights in Europe Law 16
Public International Law Law 16
The Business of Sustainability & Law in the EU Law 12,13


Subject Course SDG's
Tax behavior Tax and Society: Building a Sustainable and Fair Tax System 8, 10
Taxing for the Common Good Tax and society: Building a Sustainable and Fair Tax System 8, 10


Subject Course SDG's
Human Rights and European Criminal Law in Context Crime and Criminal Justice: Comparative Criminal Justice 10, 16
Europe's Area of Freedom, Security and Justice European Law 16
Sustainability, Governance & Ethics Law & Finance 8, 12
Elective: Current Issues in Law and Society Law & Society 16
Elective: Mobilizing Rights and Social Justice Law & Society 16
Elective: The Challenges of Globalization, Migration and Cross-Border Mobility Law & Society 11, 16
Lawmaking, Society and Politics Law & Society 11, 16
The Rule of Man in the Rule of Law Law & Society 5, 10
International Human Rights Law in Today's World Public International Law 5, 10
Public International Law Public International Law 16
Vak Opleiding SDG's
Gender, Race, Intersectionality and Law  Honours College Law  5, 10
Policy coherence to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals from a tax, trade and investment law perspective  Honours College Law 8, 9, 12
Role of International Actors in (tackling global inequality and) Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Honours College Law 9, 10, 12, 17
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