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Leiden Law School at the heart of society

Impact through education

The greatest impact we achieve is through our education. Teaching Dutch students and students coming from places far away from Leiden. Of all the faculties at Leiden University, we welcome the most diverse group of international students. But we are also wholeheartedly committed to training students to work in professions related to law and security, something we have been doing successfully for a long period of time. Our knowledge therefore not only reaches Dutch professional practice but also societies far beyond our borders, and this is achieved through education.   

Impact through research

Where would society be without the Rule of Law? None of the Societal Development Goals of the United Nations can be achieved without the Rule of Law. It has been shown that economic prosperity, a safe society and even happiness are dependent on stability, and this can only be achieved through the law. That’s impact for you! It cannot easily be expressed in terms of money, but it certainly is priceless.  

The social debate

Many of our research staff play a role in the social debates taking place inside and outside the Netherlands. Engaging in debate also means operating at the heart of society.  Scholarly publications are very important but there is more than just that. Offering advice, holding lectures, providing further training, holding positions in legal and consultancy professions all play a significant role in reaching out to a broader public.

The link to professional practice

Law, the interdisciplinary study of law, economics and criminology and all other fields of science that are accommodated at Leiden Law School, are inspired by questions and issues that arise in practice. Our excellent researchers are keen to have an impact in the world outside academia. Many of our staff are also active in professional practice, many of our doctorate candidates are people who are seeking an academic challenge to enrichen their professional experience. Alumni are happy to give guest lectures, and our collaboration with The Hague District Court is a fine example of the link between professional practice and academia.

The Hague District Court and Leiden Law School have been working together under an agreement that started in 2005. As a result of this collaboration, students and research staff benefit from the professional environment of The Hague District Court. In turn, The Hague District Court maintains a link to the academic field, future employees and the endowed chair in Civil Procedure.

Results of this collaboration:

  • symposia at Leiden Law School
  • an annual Masterclass for 12 students (selection procedure)
  • internships
  • judges for Moot Court
  • endowed chair in Civil Procedure
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