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Constitutional and administrative law

Constitutional and administrative law covers a broad area of law. It provides the rules with which issues in society can be solved by government authorities.

In Leiden constitutional and administrative law is studied as an integrated whole. The study of constitutional law cannot be done without the dynamics and reality of administrative law. The application of administrative law cannot be done without reflecting on constitutional issues such as the division of powers, legality and legitimacy.  In the research programmes in which the Department participates, both lines of research are interconnected. We pay structural attention to the social context in which the law functions. Not merely looking at how the rule of law is applied in practice, we also study the issues which exist in society and whether and how the law can affect these. In addition, the impact of European and international law on national constitutional and administrative law takes a prominent place in our teaching and research.  The Leiden Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law is known for being a specialist team of generalists.

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