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The education provided by the Department of Jurisprudence focuses on three indicators: law, justice and legal knowledge.


The first course 'Inleiding Recht' (Introduction to Law, taught in the first semester) is an introduction to positive law. In a period of seven weeks the different areas of law are introduced: constitutional law, criminal law, civil law and international public law.  


The second course 'Grondslagen van het Recht' (Foundations of Law, taught in the second semester) is about consienceness of the foundation of the legal order.  Topics are the meaning of a contract, the foundation of democracy and rule of law and a.o. segragation of state and church.

Legal knowledge

The third subject 'Methoden & Technieken van de Rechtswetenschap' (Methods & Techniques in Legal Science, also taught in the second semester) is on the central problem of how we obtain reliable information regarding the law? It discusses three subjects (every two weeks): (1) the nature of scientific knowledge in general; (2) the nature of legal knowledge in particular; (3) reliability and evidence. It also teaches the techniques of legal writing and legal argumentation.

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