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Business & Law Research Network

Business & Law Research Network (BLRN) is a multidisciplinary research and expertise network that focuses on a variety of aspects of doing business within the context of company and insolvency law.

Good corporate governance, future business structures and distress & insolvency are the key areas of attention. BLRN is created with the purpose of advancing company and insolvency law in a cross-disciplinary and comparative environment where leading academics, business leaders, policy makers, practitioners and regulators can meet and work together. BLRN strongly believes that an academic network must contribute to addressing the challenges of today‚Äôs socio-economic reality. To that end, BLRN also uses an unique approach by incorporating insights from behavioral sciences and by closely collaborating with behavioral scientists.

BLRN is powered by the Company Law Department and the Department of Business Studies at Leiden University and is part of the program Coherent Private Law.

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