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East Asia

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Giulia Di Teodoro

Alumni dreams #212

Giulia Di Teodoro always had a special interest in China. She graduated from the BA with a thesis titled “The Energy Dragon: A Comparison Between China’s Efforts to Green its Domestic Power Sector and Chinese OFDI in Energy”. It compared China’s policies to making the domestic energy sector more sustainable, and finding out more on China’s policies concerning the energy mix of its FDI in the field of energy. 

Giulia had the opportunity to spend a summer holiday in China during her studies, which was organized by the Confucius Institute in Leiden. Then in her third year, she also spent a semester abroad in Shanghai as part of her exchange. 

After International Studies she enrolled in a master called Public Administration: International and European Governance, at Leiden University. The drive to pursue a career in the field of sustainability and renewable energy led her to enroll in a second master afterwards. This was a master in Environmental and Resource Management, at the VU Amsterdam. She is still finishing this master and simultanously conducting an internship at a renewable energy company next to her studies.  

Giulia has always been interested in environmental sustainability, and even during the BA she explored this topic through various essays and projects. "Climate change and environmental degradation are issues that are very pressing to me, and I am committed to do something practical to address them in my line of work.'' 

The sky really is the limit after finishing International Studies, and we are happy to see that you have found your passion Giulia!

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